About Triangle

Triangle Fraternity was founded in 1907 at the University of Illinois by 16 men studying Civil Engineering. Triangle is a social fraternity now exclusively for Engineers, Architects and Scientists. Our purpose is to develop balanced men who cultivate high moral character, foster lifelong friendships and lead lives of integrity. We offer countless leadership opportunities, avenues for community service, scholarships and much more. Triangle provides a bridge between academic life and a career as well as a foundation for success in the years after college.

Our national website can be found at triangle.org. The Triangle Educational Foundation website can be found at triangleef.org. The Triangle Educational Foundation helps Triangle brothers succeed by providing educational and leadership programs, financial aid through scholarships, and chapter educational funds.

Triangle Code of Ethics

All Triangle brothers hold themselves to high moral standards and strive to be the best men they can in order to build a better world for tomorrow. Triangle’s Code of Ethics reflects our fraternity’s beliefs and values.

  1. Observe the precepts of the Fraternity as set forth in the Ritual;
  2. Accept cheerfully my full share of any task, however menial, involved in maintaining a chapter home;
  3. Preserve and promote the chosen ideals of my Fraternity;
  4. Pay all personal bills promptly, and always live within my means;
  5. Help create in my chapter home an environment in which enduring friendships may be formed;
  6. Maintain a creditable scholastic record;
  7. Promote the welfare of my profession;
  8. Maintain my self-respect by proper conduct at all times;
  9. Uphold faithfully the traditions and program of my Alma Mater;
  10. Pay the price of success in honest effort.