How many hours a week does Triangle require?

Triangle brothers are required to attend a once-a-week chapter meeting and a few other mandatory events and complete 15 service hours per semester. Other events are optional and brothers are encouraged to attend the ones they can; school commitments trump all fraternity events. Brothers are also encouraged to take on leadership roles within the chapter.

Do I need to live in the Chapter house?

No brother is required to live in the house. While we do encourage living in the house at least one academic year, it is up to you to choose where to live.

What is a bid?

A bid is a formal invitation to join our organization through our New Member Education program. After completing this program, you would be formally initiated as a brother.

What is your New Member Education program?

New Member Education is a program to help new members learn about the history, organization, and values of Triangle Fraternity. These consist of a single one hour meeting per week throughout the New Member Education period of about eight weeks. New Member Ed addresses the history, symbolism, and code of ethics of Triangle, as well as other topics such as goal-setting, budgeting and financial management, and health and wellness. Beyond the lessons there are also several opportunities to meet and hang out with the brothers.

There will be no hazing involved. If we offer you a bid, we want to welcome you into our organization and will treat you as one of our own.

What kind of activities does Triangle do?

Triangle hosts numerous brotherhood, social, philanthropy, and service events each semester. Typically, Triangle will throw brotherhood events each week, like game nights or skiing, a few socials each semester, and 1 philanthropy event each year, such as Battleship for Habitat for Humanity. We also plan trips for each break and visits to other chapters. Recent trips have included Chicago, Smoky Mountains, and Florida. See osutriangle.org/events for more.

Is my major eligible to join?

All engineering and architecture majors and pre-majors in their second semester or later are eligible, as well as students majoring in physical and natural sciences, also in or after their second semester. If you’re not sure, check with us!