Triangle Fraternity


Triangle Fraternity is a social fraternity of Engineers, Architects, and Scientists. The Ohio State chapter was the third chapter of Triangle and was founded in February 2, 1911. Triangle seeks to help its members build lifelong leadership skills and friendships, helping them through their classes and careers.

Rush Spring 2020

1/14 TUES: Bob Ross Night (7 PM at Triangle House)

1/16 THURS: Game Night (7 PM at Triangle House)

1/20 MON: Nerf and Nuggs (7 PM at Triangle House)

1/22 WEDS: Ice Skating (8 PM at OSU Ice Rink)

1/24 FRI: Hot Chocolate Casino Night (7 PM at Triangle House)

1/25 SAT: Invite-Only Dinner

Feel free to message our Recruitment Chair, Max McGuinness [.34] at 330-814-7666! Triangle House is at 47 E. 12th Ave. See here for more information about our chapter!